Episode 21 – What it takes to build an effective team with Syngenta’s David Hoar

by Jill | Published February 22, 2021

Team building is not a new concept but how has it changed over the last year? In this temporary virtual or semi-virtual world, how can leaders keep employees connected and engaged?

In episode 21, David Hoar and I exchange ideas about how to empower staff. Giving employees the best chance possible to have positive outcomes from their work. Not only that, but that they can be the best team member possible for companies/organizations to reach their bottom line.

David Hoar was born and raised on a mixed-farm operation in central Alberta David is a graduate of the University of Alberta. David is the Syngenta District Manager for southern Alberta. He has been with Syngenta for 18 years and has experience in product marketing and sales leadership. As a husband and father of 3 young kids living in Calgary Alberta he feels it is important to create a transparent view of the agriculture industry to our urban centers throughout Canada. Taking an active role to increase the public’s understanding of our agriculture industry is a key step in helping people make informed decisions around food options available today and into the future.

Thank you to Syngenta for the opportunity to learn more about what you do in building a strong Canadian food supply.

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