Episode 13 –, a fresh perspective on a path to healthy eating

by Jill | Published October 13, 2020

Today Jill, Erin and Dara talk about how to relax when it comes to your food choices. There are lots of differing opinions about what is healthy, but Erin and Dara want you to get back in the kitchen, cook and eat with your family without stressing about what you are eating.

If you enjoy the food, it makes you happy and nourishes your body and your soul, then eat it and don’t worry about anything else. That is the way to intuitively build a healthy relationship with food. Check out Erin & Dara’s bio on their blog –

They are both dieticians, food bloggers, home cooks and home economists and their website,, and Instagram @how_to_eat, are both full of easy, accessible recipes to boost your confidence in the kitchen and help you provide nourishing food for your family. Check out their #mycanadianbeef profile at

Erin & Dara
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